About Us

WINDOWIZE IRELAND is family run business established in 2004. We have always been at the forefront of new methods and technology in the cleaning industry and adapted these to make our work more competitive and always ensure our clients get the best available service at the best price every time. We were among the first window cleaners to use the pure water pole system for cleaning windows. Over the years we have built up a loyal customer base with a mix of residential and commercial work. As a cleaning company we continue to add to our range of services while always giving our customers the best in Service and Value.

In 2012 we introduced Soft Washing to our range of services as we noticed the large number of houses with very bad red/green algae staining in Kildare and Dublin. We did a lot of research into the Soft Washing methods used in the United States and in time we started using Benz Softwashing chemicals which where one of the first Irish companies to get HSA approval in this country. We continue to use and recommend their products. Since the outbreak of covid-19 we where able to use our knowledge and recourses to provide sanitising and disinfection services.

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